Where my #ArgoProj folks at on MasterDon? We'll be having tons of cool stuff regarding Argo this week so let me share the first blog post on easily theming #ArgoCD 👇🏻


For the last time: Matt Hancock is not a celebrity.

He was an awful health Secretary, famous for mismanaging the UK’s response to the pandemic and getting caught having an affair.

That’s not celebrity, that’s lamentable.

Hello! Please boost this photo of my dog so my new server reaches better federation with the #fediverse! Danke.

Did you know that 35mm film cassettes could communicate with a camera?

New video!

Twitter users are all like “I don’t know if I can trust a bunch of career sysadmins and network engineers to run their own Mastodon instances” — meanwhile Elon is just running around the Twitter data center going “what’s this button do?”

A cryptobro DMed me to ask if I wanted to join his mailing list.

I spent slightly too long making this to send in reply.

People grumbling that #Mastodon is slow at the moment... You just turned up with 1 million people in a tiny, rural village and you're complaining there's a queue to get into the only tearoom, which is run by gay pensioners Babs & Maureen as a retirement hobby on Mons-Weds. Relax!

At today's Argo Workflows community meeting, I'll be giving a demo about a side project of mine, Argo CD Executor Plugin (basically, doing Argo CD things in an Argo Workflow). 10am Pacific: docs.google.com/document/u/0/d

Decided to move to a based server. (And also to play with account migration).

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