I have only just learnt that RBAC rules can't limit `CREATE` permissions based on `resourceNames`. 🤦‍♂️

Would have been good to know that this morning.

Evening gang!
I've got 4 spare Lifx Colour 1000 WiFi light bulbs for sale.
All work fine & have updated firmware. Reason for sale is that I don't have screw fittings any more 😁
£55ono for the lot.
Pick up only (Central London or Elizabeth Line.

@Edent is that wireless charging? Or is there something I can’t see?

Why are selectors immutable on deployments? 😩

@nova I'm trying to get k8s.social to that point. Budget permitting 🙂

Today I learnt that `kubectl edit` can take multiple resources that can then be modified in bulk (as a `List` resource)


🙈 I ordered a couple second hand Mac Mini's today to add to my homelab cluster!

@neil depending on your budget you could look for a second hand Lexus hybrid suv. I have one of their smaller hybrids and absolutely love it.

32.1k stars for a GitHub repository that's essentially a collection of falsehoods and personal opinions 😒

If you're starting out with #golang, just be aware that a certain repo claims to represent golang "standards", when it really does quite the opposite.

I won't even post the link here, this one has wasted enough people's time.

@Edent It does for me, but I need to disable adblock.

I’ve now opened up k8s.social to all but please be aware that I’m still new at being a 🙂

If you’re interested in , , or any related topics you’re more than welcome to make this instance your home! 💙


Day 1 of Kubecon done! :kubernetes_party:

I’m exhausted! But absolutely loved catching up with so many awesome folks! 💙

:kubernetes: Kubecon kicks off in full force today! 🎉

If you’re about be sure to come say hi at the Giant Swarm booth! 💙

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