It's very chill at Heathrow today! 🙂 Hope it stays like this until my flight.

A reminder that I'll have these with me tomorrow at .

If you want one just come and say hello when you see me. 🙂


I’ve 3D printed some custom pin badges! :k8s_social:

If you want one come find me at either next week (22nd/23rd) or at the following week from the 28th.


Two weeks today I'm going to be speaking at Kubernetes Community Days UK - a two day conference focused all around Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.

Tickets still available if any of y'all want to come -

I'm very much looking forward to it, it's going to be a great day. The whole lineup of speakers looks increadible! :gopher_party:

Oh great, one day off and everyone needs me apparently. 😅 Tomorrow morning shall be fun.

It’s been such an amazing week at the Giant Swarm on-site in Barcelona!

So great to see (almost) all my colleagues, new & old! 🧡

So many great discussions, lots of exciting ideas for the future! ✨ The next year at Giant Swarm will be very interesting.

And all the fun 💙✨🎉 so many laughs, dancing through the night and all the memories made! 🧡

At the start of October I'm going to be giving two talk at the very first ever up in beautiful Edinburgh.

1. "The Wonders and Woes of Webhooks"
2. "What DragonBall can teach us about being engineers"

If you'd like to join me for what is sure to be an incredible conference then you can save 20% on your ticket by using the promo code "FRIENDS"

At the end of next month I'm going to be giving a fun little ignite talk at London titled: "What DragonBall can teach us about being engineers"

I'm having so much fun putting this together. 😆

Want to join me? I have a 20% off discount that y'all can use to secure your ticket:

:kubernetes: Kubecon kicks off in full force today! 🎉

If you’re about be sure to come say hi at the Giant Swarm booth! 💙

I plan to have a (very limited) few of these Kubernetes “ear savers” with me at to make mask wearing more comfortable.

Come find me if you want one! I’ll likely be at the Giant Swarm booth (S90) a fair amount of the time pr just reach out and we can meet up! 💙

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