I never did an post so here goes...

👋 Hey y'all! I'm Marcus.

I run the Mastodon instance. An unofficial home for the Kubernetes community. 😄
Signups are open but be aware that I don't currently have much resources backing this instance! 😅

I currently work as a Platform Engineer at Giant Swarm building out their cloud :kubernetes: Kubernetes offerings.

More info, and where else to find me around the web, can be found on my website:


Aside from being a Kubernetes fan I'm also a full-stack developer and occasional programmer. (Previous a fanatic)

I'm a keen enthusiast - currently owning an Ender Pro 3, FLSun Q5 and a Elegoo Mars 2 - and like to make nerdy little accessories that I sell on Etsy. 🙂

I'm a fan of the lore and like to read and listen to various SCP podcasts.

Recently I've been playing with Art and having fun with Midjourney.

@Marcus that's cool I stood up my own instance as well to help with load if you start getting over loaded I can help

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