Finally got sick of dealing with Harbour and struggling to keep it running stable. Currently in the process of moving all my images over to Sclaeway's managed container registry 😁

@Marcus I wanted a private, in-cluster reg for dev and tried Harbor. Unfortunately, being forced to have top-level projects in Harbor made it too awkward to be useful. Back to using the deprecated *registry* for now. I just need something to store images, setup that can be automated and is free. I don't need image scanning, etc. Will have another look at the gitlab fork of registry or maybe the twuni build on artifacthub. Any other suggestions?

@seekingbinary Not really. All I've come across are either extremely lacking in features (e.g. no support for private images) or heavy with features I'll never use (LDAP).
I've been slowly going more "all-in" with Scaleway and when I checked their container registry will likely cost me 50c a month. 😆
Pretty sure that's actually going to end up cheaper for me as currently they're stored in an object store bucket anyway.

@Marcus ok, sounds like I'll have to check out Scaleway then 🙂

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